Do you want to build your dream house,

put up your own business, have your dream wedding,

travel the world, and live the life you want?



Brendon Burchard, the highest paid motivational speaker in the world today, shared that a lot of  people go through life without much planning.



It’s like going through the woods without a map! You then take this route and that route… And before you knew it, you’ve already wasted so much of your time, energy, and resources yet you didn’t reach your destination!



Stop! Before you enter the woods, draw a map first. Decide where you want to go and decide how to get there.



It’s the same with life. Don’t let the hustle and bustle distract you from the kind of future you want. Take time to plan.



Ask yourself these questions. What kind of future do you want to have? What is your dream life? What kind of house do you want to live in? What kind of work or business do you like to pursue? What kind of guy or girl do you want to marry?



Take a break. Reflect. Create your vision board.



Here’s what we realized. About 99% of all the highly successful people we’ve met have vision boards.



Vision Board works!


Why vision board? Because it works!



Bo Sanchez has a vision board. Brian Tracy has a vision board. Jack Canfield has a vision board.



I attended a Truly Rich Club event one Sunday. One of the speakers shared that he and his wife were once buried in debts. Though they were earning 6-figure amounts,  their net worth was negative and they were paying huge interests. They were always looking forward to their next pay day. They were so stressed.



Today, they have more than enough. They zeroed out their debts. They are living their dream lives.


I was struck when he mentioned that one of the contributing factors to their financial success is their Vision Board!



He showed us his Vision Board! His vision board displayed the kind of life his family wants to live, the places they’d like to visit, the properties they want to own, etc.


Indeed, vision board works!!!


Join us on August 2, 2014 as we talk about “How to Achieve Financial Success by Creating a Vision Board” 

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During this entire morning, let’s talk about your vision for your life. Let’s talk about your dream house, your ultimate travel destinations, the kind of life you’ve always wanted.


Vision Board is very powerful yet it’s often taken for granted. You’ve probably heard about vision board before. Perhaps, you’ve probably told yourself, “I’ll create my own vision board.”


Yet, years passed by and you haven’t created your vision board yet. Uh oh!



Well, this time, let’s make it happen. Give yourself half day to be clear about what you really want in life and create a vision board. This seminar-workshop will guide you as you create your own vision board.



Meet the Speakers

Sha Nacino for Write a Book page


Sha Nacino took her Bachelor of Science in Business Economics in the University of the Philippines, Diliman, where she graduated as Dean’s Medalist.  She is the Founder and President of Write Conversations Publishing and Consultancy. She is a co-owner and the Director for Innovation and Integrative Strategies of Institute for Integrality, Inc.



Sha has been using a vision board for years now. She credits her vision board as a contributing factor to the achievement of some of her dreams which include traveling to Europe, putting up her own businesses, writing and publishing books, and living the life she wants.



To date, Sha has already written and published over five books which include Think Rich, Yuppies; How to Earn While on Vacation with a Foreword by Bo Sanchez; How to Make Your Dreams Come True with a Review by Brian Tracy; How to Write a Book Even if You’re Not a Writer; and Money & Me: 9 Steps to Turn Around Your Finances and Live the Life You Want.



As a speaker, companies, schools, and organizations regularly invite Sha to speak on personal financial management and other personal development topics.




She had the privilege to share the stage with some of the most sought-after speakers, leaders, and entrepreneurs in the country like             Bo Sanchez, Dean Pax Lapid, Edward Lee, Johnlu Koa, Miriam Quiambao, Ardy Roberto, Atty. Alex Lacson, Rex Mendoza, Ai-ai delas Alas, Dr. Larry Gamboa, Benedict Hernandez, Cecilio Kwok Pedro, Tony Meloto, and many more.



Sha is an active member of Toastmasters International. She was the former President of Presidents Toastmasters Club and the immediate past Area 4 Governor.



Sha is happy and blessed to have discovered her passion and purpose in life. She’s always excited to jump out of bed every morning to glorify God through her talents and passions. She aims to communicate (H.I.M.) Happiness, Inspiration, and Meaning through her books, blogs, talks, and seminars.



Trixie Esguerra_profile2
Trixie Barretto Esguerra took her Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences in the University of the Philippines – Manila. She had her practicum on Clinical Psychology at the Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH). A few years after graduating,  she enrolled for Marketing Diploma Program at the Ateneo Center for Continuing Education, Ateneo Graduate School of Business.
Today, she enjoys running her own business called Wrap it Up! It’s a store that touches hearts with art. She manages two branches- Wrap It Up! Walter Mart Makati and the newly opened Wrap It Up! Cash and Carry Makati. As an entrepreneur, she would frequently guest in local TV shows like Umagang Kay Ganda, Unang Hirit, Kabuhayang Swak na Swak, Mars, etc.


Trixie gets invitations to speak to College students about entrepreneurship amongst other things. She is a passionate host who is usually busy hosting various events on weekends. Trixie is an active member of the Toastmasters International and currently the Vice President for Education of Presidents Toastmasters Club.


Currently finishing her online course under the Vision Board Institute, Trixie definitely enjoys her first hand experience on the subject matter. Day by day, she applies the Law of Attraction.


Trixie consistently invests on her education which includes informal classes, seminars and workshops and online courses. Her big goal is to travel the world and share the power of vision boards one person at a time.




What You will Learn


  • How to Be Clear about What You Really Want
  • How to Create a Vision Board that Works!
  • How to Activate the Law of Attraction
  • How to Have the Means to Finance Your Dreams
  • and Many More!


This seminar will help you learn the things we mentioned above so…

  • You can build your dream house
  • Put up your own business
  • Have your dream wedding
  • Travel the world
  • and Live the life you want!



Who Should Attend

  • Employees who want to have the freedom and means to pursue their real calling and real happiness!
  • Entrepreneurs who want to grow and skyrocket their business
  • College students who want to set the path they want for themselves early in life
  • Retirees who want to know what life would be after retirement
  • OFWs who want to have more time with their families
  • Leaders who want to influence more people and who want to take their organizations to the next level
  • Aspiring Speakers and Toastmasters who want to count our Ahs… Just kidding! 🙂 Aspiring Speakers and Toastmasters who want to get paid for sharing their expertise and skills.




Where is the Seminar Venue?


The seminar will be held at Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) beside World Trade Center in Pasay City.


Free parking on a first-come, first-served basis.



When is the Seminar?


The seminar will be held on August 2, 2014 (Saturday) from 8am-12nn.


How Much is My Investment? 


The regular walk-in rate is P1,897 only.


This already includes a Certificate, snacks, materials for the vision board, and raffle prizes.


Here’s an even better deal! Register early and avail of the Early Bird Rate of P1,597 only. Save P500!


The Early Bird Rate of P1,597 is valid until July 31, 2014 only!


Again, this includes Certificates, snacks, materials for the vision board, and raffle prizes! 



Yes! I want to attend!




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We wish you success and happiness!


Sha Nacino

Speaker, Entrepreneur

Author, Money & Me

Writer, Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club


Trixie Esguerra

Entrepreneur, Speaker

Vision Board Practitioner

Events Host


P.S. Limited seats only. Reserve your seats now!


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Questions? Text/call 0917-5768129 or email


We’d like to THANK our Sponsors for supporting our seminar. 🙂

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